At APW investigations  we specialise in Divorce & Matrimonial Investigations. Our investigators are experienced in using covert surveillance equipment including recording devices, vehicle and computer tracking devices to collect the evidence needed as proof. 


“Where’s your mobile phone? On the kichen table? Still in the pocket of the jacket you just took off to mow the lawn? And what about your computer — did you remember to log off after paying that bill?

Perhaps you’re thinking: I’m at home — there’s nothing to worry about. But how would you feel if, at this very moment, your loving husband or wife was trawling through your private texts and messages?

Astonishingly, 44 per cent of spouses do this, according to a major research study, conducted by the Internet Research Institute at Oxford University.

Not only that, but there’s a 65 per cent chance that if a husband’s messages are being read by his wife, he’s also reading hers. However you interpret these figures — and there may be some innocent explanations — there are clearly an awful lot of husbands and wives who are prepared to spy on each other. And what they hope — and dread — to find, of course, is evidence of an affair.”

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