Divorce & Matrimonial Investigations

We specialise in Divorce & Matrimonial Investigations. Our investigators are experienced in using covert surveillance equipment including recording devices, vehicle and computer tracking devices to collect the evidence needed as proof.

Investigating Infidelity for Divorce Proceedings

We discretely monitor and collect evidence to find out where your spouse or partner is going and who they are meeting with. If your suspicion is correct and we gather evidence of your spouse’s infidelity, this can be used to support your petition for a divorce. Divorce proceedings and civil partnership dissolutions are often lengthy, bitter and stressful and can end up in court. We can help you to be prepared with all the relevant evidence to support your case and ensure you get the best possible financial settlement.

Investigating Matrimonial Issues - cheating Spouse, financial statements, asset tracking

Asset Tracking – Investigating Financial Statements

The financial settlement is a key part of divorce proceedings and civil partnership dissolution. Both parties have to complete a financial statement, in which they are expected to be open and honest about all their income, assets, savings and outgoings. However, if you know, or suspect, that your partner has not been entirely honest about how much they have – perhaps they are trying to hide or undervalue something – we can help by investigating their finances.

Finding your Spouse

If you and your spouse have split up and lost contact with each other, you might need a private investigator to find them and serve them with the divorce papers.

Maintenance Payments / Child Support

Our private investigation services can also be required after a divorce, to track down an absent ex who is withholding maintenance and/or child support payments. Once we locate your ex, we can examine their working and living arrangements – whether they have a job and how much it pays, whether they are living alone or with a partner, etc. – and assess their ability to pay the money they owe.

Custody of your Children

We can also help if you share custody of your children with your ex but are concerned about the time they spend with him/her. We can investigate your ex’s lifestyle and living arrangements, the people they associate with and the contact they have with your children, drug and alcohol use, any suspicious activity, etc.



Our team of ex-Police Officers have an excellent knowledge of the law, plus the confidence and experience that is second to none!