Forensic Investigations

Wherever possible, our expert forensic investigators will visit the crime scene themselves, gather evidence independently of the police, and examine that evidence under rigorous laboratory conditions.

Forensic refers to scientific methods of establishing the truth by examining the available evidence. The results of our forensic investigations will be written up in a full and detailed report suitable for submission in a court hearing.

Forensic Services Include:

  • DNA Testing
  • Finger Print Analysis
  • Handwriting comparison
  • Analysis of Digital Devices
Foresnsic Investigations DNA, fingerprints, samples

Human forensic services

DNA testing

  • Commonly used to establish paternity (who is – or isn’t – the father of a child). A paternity test can be requested as part of divorce proceedings and/or child support agreements.
  • Also used to establish other family relationships, in particular, where we need to identify a person who was missing and has now been found.
  • Used in criminal investigations to analyse DNA evidence left at the scene of a crime, particularly in rape cases.

Fingerprint analysis

  • Performed at a crime scene to work out who was there.
  • Used to establish a person’s identity, particularly if they have a criminal record and their prints are already ‘in the system’.

Handwriting comparison

Comparing two samples of handwriting to work out whether the same person wrote both. Where necessary, we will acquire a sample of a suspect’s handwriting without them knowing about it.


Digital Forensic Services

Analysis of Digital Devices


Our investigators are also skilled in digital forensics – gathering evidence from computers, laptops, mobile phone handsets, cell site analysis of mobile phone downloads, tablets, memory sticks and other data storage media. This evidence can include archived and deleted files, web browsing history and personal information.

Analysis of

  • computers
  •  mobile phones
  • storage devices
  • files and folders
  • browsing history
  • personal information


Our team of ex-Police Officers have an excellent knowledge of the law, plus the confidence and experience that is second to none!