Private Investigators

APW Investigators are ex Police Officers with decades of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge. Also known as a PI, private eye or private detective, our private investigators are hired to investigate someone else, normally to find, keep watch on, find out more about, or serve legal papers to someone or something.

Our experienced private investigators use the latest technology to make enquiries, follow ‘the target’, do research, analyse information and check facts to gather information for you to answer your questions and give you peace of mind.

Our experienced investigators will work tirelessly throughout the UK and Northern Ireland to gather information and evidence to investigate and answer your questions.

Private Detective APW Investigations

Investigations for individuals

  • Cheating Partners – monitoring a spouse or partner whom you suspect of cheating
  • Divorce and Separation – tracing a spouse/partner’s assets for divorce, maintenance, child support
  • Missing – finding missing people or pets
  • Background Checks       – background checks on potential partners, friends and employees
  • Disputes – gathering evidence for a dispute with a neighbour, e.g. boundary dispute, noise, trespass, etc.
  • Location – checking out the neighbourhood where you’re planning to buy

Investigation for companies

  • Background Checks       – background checks on staff, potential employees, tenants, etc.
  • Sickness / Inury – checking employee sickness and injury claims
  • Acquisitions – due diligence of new customers and potential company acquisitions/mergers
  • Fraud /Theft – internal fraud and theft investigations, including theft of intellectual property
  • Research – competitor research
  • Finding Debtors – find people who have disappeared due to money they owe, such as customers, runaway tenants, service providers and individuals who have been subject to a court instruction to pay.
  • mystery shopper service – investigate customer service and employee honesty at a business


Investigation for solicitors

  • process serving
  • tracing a missing person for a client
  • tracing a debtor/debtors for a client
  • statement taking and witness interviews
  • investigating accidents, claims and insurance fraud
  • criminal defence support
  • civil proceedings support, both claimant and defendant
  • litigation support


Our team of ex-Police Officers have an excellent knowledge of the law, plus the confidence and experience that is second to none!