APW investigators are equipped with the latest covert cameras, listening devices, vehicle tracking devices and other recording equipment to gather the evidence you need.

Our private detectives use surveillance to obtain legal evidence for you, whether it is for court proceedings; collecting evidence of a spouse being unfaithful to support a divorce petition or collecting evidence of theft or fraud of an employee. We have the skills and experience to carry out mobile or static surveillance with the utmost discretion and in the most sensitive of circumstances.

Surveillance - Covert Surveillance, static and mobile Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance means your investigator will discreetly follow the target for as long and as far as necessary in order to monitor their activities and collect evidence of where they go, who the meet and what they do.

Mobile surveillance might include using cameras, bugs and tracking devices with the aim of:

  • monitoring a spouse or partner whom you suspect of cheating
  • tracing a spouse/partner’s assets for divorce, maintenance, child support
  • finding a missing person
  • background checks on potential employees
  • checking employee sickness and injury claims
  • internal fraud and theft investigations, including theft of intellectual property

Static Surveillance

Static surveillance refers to watching a particular location, rather than a person. Static surveillance can be manned with our investigator remaining hidden and out-of-sight for, while monitoring and recording anyone who visits the location. Or unmanned surveillance having installed covert cameras and listening devices at the location, and closely monitoring the feed from these devices from our office.

Common reasons for ordering static surveillance might include:

  • a dispute with a neighbour, e.g. boundary dispute, noise, trespass, etc.
  • fly-tipping (illegal dumping of rubbish) on private land
  • watching the property of a suspected drug-dealer
  • watching business suspected of employing illegal immigrants

All of our investigators are ex-police officers and are experienced in covert surveillance, camouflage techniques and vehicle tracking. They also have surveillance vehicles at their disposal and can make the switch from static to mobile surveillance whenever the situation requires.



Our team of ex-Police Officers have an excellent knowledge of the law, plus the confidence and experience that is second to none!