Tracing People

Despite living in a data-driven, always-online society, it is still possible for people to ‘disappear’. People get married, divorced, change their names, move from place to place, emigrate, enlist in the armed services, or end up in prison – all of these things can make it difficult to find someone, especially after some time has passed.

Once we have found your missing person, we will take steps to verify their identity and confirm their address as their regular residence. If everything checks out, we can also establish contact with them if you wish – you do not have to deal with them directly if you would prefer not to.


Tracing missing people

Common Reasons for Tracing People


  • locating an absent spouse to serve divorce papers
  • locating an absent ex-spouse to extract child support and/or maintenance payments
  • finding a friend or relative who has gone missing
  • tracing an old friend or estranged family member
  • monitoring a spouse/partner whom you suspect of cheating
  • finding debtors for companies or individuals
  • tracing ex-employees for a fraud or theft investigations

We commonly trace people for solicitors with the aim of


  • finding a missing person for a client
  • tracking down debtors for a client
  • tracing beneficiaries to a will or trust
  • locating witnesses
  • serving processes

Our investigators utilise a broad range of tools to trace missing persons. As well as publicly-available resources – social media, telephone directories, the electoral roll, etc – we can access data and information that is not available to the general public.

If your missing person has left the UK, don’t worry; we can still track them down. Equally, if you are trying to trace someone who has left your country and come to the UK, we will find them.



Our team of ex-Police Officers have an excellent knowledge of the law, plus the confidence and experience that is second to none!